Do Airtags Work with Android?

Apple AirTags are small, Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices that can be attached to keys, wallets, and other belongings. They use Apple’s Find My network to help you track down your lost items. However, AirTags does not work with Android devices.

This is because AirTags use Apple’s Find My network, which is a network of iPhones, iPads, and Macs that help to track down lost AirTags. Android devices do not participate in the Find My network, so they cannot be used to track AirTags.

Many Android users keep asking “Do AirTags work with Android?” In this blog post, we will share everything you need to know about this topic.

Do Airtags Work with Android?

No, AirTags do not work with Android. AirTags use Apple’s Find My Network to track down lost items, and Android does not have access to Apple’s find my network.

But there are a few other tracking devices that do work with Android, such as Tile Mate, Chipolo One, and TrackR Bravo. These devices use Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with Android devices, so they should work reliably. They also use their own networks to track down lost items, so you do not need to rely on Apple’s Find My network.

If you are an Android user and you are looking for a tracking device, I recommend considering one of these options instead of AirTags.


How Do AirTags Work?

AirTags use Bluetooth Low Energy to send signals to nearby iOS devices. These iOS devices then upload the last known location of your AirTags to the cloud.

Here is a simplified explanation of how AirTags work:

  • An AirTag sends out a Bluetooth signal.
  • Nearby iOS devices detect the signal and upload the AirTag’s location to the cloud.
  • You can see the AirTag’s location in the Find My app.

AirTags alternative for Android

Android users need not be disappointed that they do not have access to AirTags. There are a few great alternatives to AirTags that work with Android devices, such as SmartTags and Tiles.


SmartTags are tracker devices developed by Samsung. They use ultra-wideband and AR technology to track items. SmartTags are only compatible with Samsung devices, so if you have an Android device from another manufacturer, you will need to choose a different tracker.


Tiles are another great option for Android users. They are Bluetooth trackers that work with any Android or iOS device, as well as smart speakers. Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that is perfect for your needs.

Here is a table comparing the two trackers:

CompatibilitySamsung devices onlyAndroid and iOS devices
TechnologyUltra-wideband and ARBluetooth
Shapes and sizesRound and pill-shapedVarious shapes and sizes
PriceStarting at $29.99Starting at $24.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Samsung version of AirTags?

Yes, there is a Samsung version of AirTags. It is called SmartTag. Samsung uses ultra-wideband and AR to find the exact location of the SmartTag tracker.

Do you need an iPhone for AirTag?

Yes, you need an iPhone or an iPad to set up AirTags.

Can you track AirTag miles away?

No, you can track AirTags only up to a limit of 800 meters. Beyond this range, it will be difficult to track the AirTags. The user will only be able to see the last tracked location.


AirTags are the best gadgets to keep track of your loved and valuable items. However, this Bluetooth tracker is only compatible with iOS devices at the moment. If you are an Android user, you can try the alternatives mentioned above.

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